This is Folksam LO Pension

Our role is to ensure that you, as LO members, receive a great occupational pension. We are jointly-owned by LO’s trade-union and Folksam.

Today, we manage the occupational pensions of nearly half a million members who have chosen to invest their pension savings in our unit-linked insurance schemes.
Good rates of return and low fees
Our primary aim is that you receive, over the long-term, a good return on your pension funds and our return has been one of the best for several years now. Our fees are always low which means more pension for you.
Smart pension solutions based on your age
Being a customer with us is easy. We have smart fund solutions which mean that we invest your pension funds according to how long you have left on your pension.

Occupational pension

The occupational pension is the part of the pension that your employer pays. During your working life this can be hundreds of thousands of kronor, a significant part of your future pension.

Those who work in the private sector receive a “SAN-LO collectively-agreed bargained pension” that it is based on a collective agreement between Svenskt Näringsliv and LO.

Choosing an occupational pension

As a rule, you can choose the company that manages your occupational pension. Are you choosing for the first time? Choose a Folksam LO Pension by logging in and selecting us under My Pages at You can also transfer any previous pension earnings over to us. Make your choice on

If you work for a cooperative or local or regional authority, you can make your choice at Contact our customer services if you require any assistance.

Security for your family

Your occupational pension includes protection that can help your family in the event of your death.
Life-contingent annuity
If you want your pension funds paid out to your family in the event of your death you should chose this. This does not cost anything but your pension will be somewhat lower. If you have any questions about your family’s security you should contact an advisor who will go through the options available for protecting your family. Contact our customer services if you require any assistance.

State pension

The state pension is the part of your pension provided by the government. It is handled by the Pensions Authority which sends you information every year in an orange envelope.

As soon as you receive an income and start paying tax you also start to earn your state pension. Every year, your employer pays in the equivalent of 18.5 percent of your salary into the state pension, which is the largest portion of your pension.

Your state pension may consist of: income pension, private pension and guarantee pension.

Private pensions savings

You can choose to top up your state pension and occupational pension with private pension savings. This is optional, but for better finances as a pensioner it is important to consider this.


There is no fixed retirement age in Sweden. Within certain limits, you can choose when to retire. The later you choose to retire, the more pension you will receive.

As a rule, you need to apply for your state pension. If you have occupational pension with Folksam LO Pension, we will send a letter to you about three months before you turn 65. This will provide you with information about your pension, payments, bank account and anything else you need to know.

You can choose to take out your occupational pension with us early, from 55 years of age. But the earlier you take out your pension, the lower the amount you receive each month will be.

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